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Basic Info
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  β€’ Universe: Evil Dead
  β€’ Name: Ash Williams
  β€’ Species: Human
  β€’ Alias: The Chosen One, El Jefe, Ashy Slashy
  β€’ Occupation: Fighter Against Undead Horde
  β€’ Place of Origin: Elk Grove, Michigan, USA
  β€’ Date of Birth: April 8th, 1957.
  β€’ Affiliation: Good
  β€’ Connections: Brock Williams (father)†, Cheryl Williams (sister) †, Candace Barr (ex-wife)†, Brandy Barr (daughter)


  Ash was born on April 8th, 1957 and raised in Elk Grove, Michigan. He was the first child of Brock Williams and his only son (later having a daughter named Cheryl several years later). Apparently Ash did not get along with his family during his childhood, frequently arguing with his father after his mother had left the family and his sister when they would play together.
Early in his teenage years, the young Ash met Chet Kaminski, who would later become a lifelong friend to him. During their high school career, Ash and Chet would frequently host parties in Elk Grove, indulge in drug-usage, and torment the school hall monitor: Thomas Emery. It was also during his high school years that he began dating a girl named Linda Bates, but he broke up with her for another girl named Linda. At some point, Brock gave Ash a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, a car he bought used from the Elk Grove Destruction Derby. Also at an unknown point, Ash and Linda began working at the superstore, S-Mart (where he worked in the housewares department while Linda was worked a check-out counter).

  The Night At The Cabin (October, 1982)
  There are two conflicting stories on how Ash, his girlfriend Linda, sister Cheryl, and friends Scotty and Shelly found the cabin in the woods. One story says that Scotty rented the cabin, while another says that they heard that the cabin was abandoned by its previous owner, but either way, the five decided to venture out to this cabin to spend the weekend there. At this cabin, they find the "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis", AKA The Book of The Dead, along with a tape recorder. On the tape was a recording of the owner of the cabin, Professor Raymond Knowby, who was translating a passage of the book. By playing the tape, Ash and friends had awoken the Kandarian Demon, the same one that Professor Knowby had previously unleashed earlier in the week. Because of this demon, Ash's friends and sister were consequently possessed and killed one by one. It wasn't until he was the last survivor that he finally destroyed the Necronomicon by throwing it into the fireplace, and in doing so, the possessed bodies of Scotty and Cheryl rapidly decayed and 'died'. For a moment, it appeared that the demonic spirit was driven back, however, as the morning sun rose, Ash was attacked by the demon.
The demon sent Ash flying across the woods, eventually smacking him up against a tree, causing him to land face first into a muddy puddle of water. When Ash arose from the puddle, he discovered that he had been turned into a Deadite himself. However, this transformation did not last long due to the morning sun driving the evil spirit out from his body. Getting on his feet, Ash quickly ran to his car, attempting to make an escape during daylight. This escape attempt would not be successful, and Ash was quickly reminded that the bridge had been destroyed the previous night. As Ash lamented over the loss of his last possibility of escape, he noticed that the sun was quickly setting and the Kandarian Demon was on the hunt again. Hopping back into his car, Ash raced back to the cabin, seeing it as his only "safe" sanctuary from the evil force. With the evil close behind him, Ash ran back into the cabin and managed to hide in the fruit cellar trap door, waiting until the evil force left. Unbeknownst to Ash, the daughter and the associate of Professor Knowby (and two local guides) were slowly making their way through the woods towards the cabin to give the professor the "lost pages" of the Necronomicon.
Prior to this new group's arrival, Ash's Deadite girlfriend Linda made a return, with her decapitated head and body rising up out of the makeshift grave not too far from the cabin. The head of Linda eventually attacked Ash, biting him on the right hand. After removing Linda's head from his hand with a vice in the workshed, Ash managed to cut her head in half with a Chainsaw he pried out of her body's hands. Stumbling out from the workshed and back into the cabin, Ash noticed that his right hand seemed to have a mind of its own, twitching around and bashing plates over its owner's head. Making his way into the kitchen of the cabin, Ash grabbed the chainsaw he just used on Linda's head and cut off the hand, screaming and laughing while doing it. After failing to properly "kill" his evil hand, Ash was forced to chase it throughout the main room of the cabin. Ash eventually gave up the hunt for the hand when the inanimate objects within the cabin began to laugh at him when he tried to sit down on a broken wooden chair. Ash joined in the laughter, but this "joyous" moment was interrupted when there was a knock on the cabin's front door. Possibly believing it to be one of his dead friends coming back to pay him a visit, Ash wasted no time raising up his shotgun and blindly firing into the closed door. Hearing a scream, Ash opened the front door, and was quickly jumped on by a man named Jake, who managed to pin Ash to the floor and knock him out. As it turned out, Ash's shot had grazed Jake's girlfriend, Bobby Joe, in the shoulder, which provoked Jake to attack Ash.
While the group surveyed the inside the cabin, they quickly came to the conclusion that this mysterious one-handed man was a maniac who had killed the Knowbys, and proceeded to lock him in the fruit cellar. As the group listened to the tape recording of Raymond Knowby describing how he had unleashed a demon that possessed his wife, the Deadite Henrietta emerges on que from the dirt floor in the cellar in front of Ash. Ash lets out a scream and is released from the cellar moments before Henrietta can attack him. As the night goes on, one by one the forces of evil claim this new group until only Ash and Annie Knowby are left. Before his death, Jake had thrown the lost pages of the Book of The Dead into the cellar with Henrietta, and now Ash and Annie needed them to put an end to these demons once and for all. The two survivors headed out into the workshed and modified the same chainsaw that cut off Ash's hand into a weapon he could attach to his new stump. Going down into the cellar, Ash managed to find all the pages without a problem, only starting his fight against Henrietta after handing Annie the pages. After cutting off Henrietta's "goose necked" head and blowing it apart with the shotgun, Annie proceeded to read a spell from the missing pages that would turn the Kandarian Demon into a thing of the flesh, something that they could attack and sent into a time portal. Annie's reading of the spell was interrupted as Ash's evil hand had made its return, stabbing her in the back with the Kandarian Dagger, leaving Ash alone against a demon three times his size. With her dying breath, Annie finished the spell to open the time portal, and the Kandarian Demon was pulled into the vortex, but unfortunately, Ash and his car were also pulled inside.

  Trapped In 1300 AD
  The time vortex proceeded to dump Ash (and his car) in medieval England, around 1300 AD. As Ash got to his feet, he noticed he was being surrounded by knights on horseback. One man, only identified as "The Wise Man" told the leader of this group of knights, Lord Arthur, that he believed Ash to be the Chosen One written of in the Necronomicon, the one to deliver them from the terror of the Deadites. Arthur replied that Ash was one of Henry The Red's men, and he was to be captured and sent to The Pit. Shortly after arriving at Castle Kandar, Ash accidentally fell into the pit after he was hit in the back of the head with a rock thrown by an irritated woman named Sheila. Trapped in the pit with two Deadites, Ash did the best he could to fight off the creatures until The Wise Man threw down Ash's chainsaw. After quickly disposing of the Deadites and escaping the pit, Ash proceeded to intimate the locals using his "Boomstick". Now believing that he truly was The Chosen One, The Wise Man informed Ash that in order for him to return to the 20th century, he must journey to a graveyard, recite the magic words ("Klaatu, Verata, Nicto"), and then leave with the Necronomicon. Before setting out on this journey, Ash (with the assistance of the local Blacksmith) creates a mechanical prosthetic hand out of a gauntlet from a suit of armor. While adjusting his new hand, Ash is confronted by Sheila in the Blacksmith's workshop, who gives him a blanket. Ash (initially disgusted by the idea of one of the "primitives" giving him something) returns the favor by kissing her, which then quickly turned into a night of love-making between the two.
The next morning, Ash rode off into the woods towards the graveyard, only to have the trip detoured by the Kandarian Demon, who chased Ash through the woods and into an old windmill off the beaten path. Deciding to spend the night in the windmill, Ash's (hopefully) peaceful evening was interrupted by a strange noise coming from outside the mill. Heading outside to investigate, Ash discovered that it was only the horse he rode in on. As Ash went to go back inside to the safety of the windmill, he saw a man standing in the doorway looking at him. Ash charged at the figure, flying through the doorway and face-first into what turned out to be a mirror. The mirror shattered, and several "Mini-Ashes" jumped out from the broken pieces, and then they proceed to torture the much larger Ash with nails, pots, and forks. After the Mini-Ashes managed to tie the original Ash down, one Mini-Ash sacrificed himself and jumped into the larger Ash's mouth. Attempting to kill the creature wiggling around in his stomach, Ash proceed to drink from a pot of boiling water, but this only made Ash's situation much worse, as the Mini-Ash began to grow into a normal human size. Splitting off from the original Ash's right side, this doppelganger, now identified as "Evil Ash", didn't live for very long, as the original quickly blasted the clone in the face with his Boomstick and dismembered the body with the chainsaw.
Eventually Ash made it to the graveyard and recovered the Necronomicon. After failing to recite the magic words given to him by The Wise Man, Ash accidentally resurrected every corpse in the countryside (including his evil clone). Racing back off to the castle, The Wise Man informed Ash that, although he still can send Ash back to the future, the forces of evil will come for the book eventually. After initially wanting to run away from this incoming "Army of Darkness" and helplessly watching as the Deadites kidnap Sheila right in front of him, Ash decided to stay and fight against this approaching legion of the undead. Using books found in the trunk of his car, Ash rallied the locals into helping him create "hi-tech" weaponry such as gunpowder and covering his car into a steam-powered Deathcoaster. It's not long after this that the army of the dead and Evil Ash arrive outside the castle walls, and the battle begins. Eventually blowing his doppelganger apart using a bag of gunpowder, and with the assistance of the combined armies of Lord Arthur and Henry The Red, the battle is won and the Necronomicon was protected. True to his word, The Wise Man created a potion that would put Ash to a deep slumber and "freeze" his body, and would automatically awaken him when back in the proper time. Saying goodbye to Sheila, Ash rode off from the castle.

  Return to 20th Century
  After using the aforementioned potion given to him by The Wise Man, Ash slept for over 600 years, and eventually awoke back in his own time. Returning to his hometown of Elk Grove all alone with no friends or sister, Ash attempted to explain to his father what happened at the cabin, but Brock didn't believe the outrageous story. Word of Ash's story got out (presumably from Ash himself, as he often talked about "how he could have been king" to his S-Mart co-workers), and the locals gave him the nickname of "Ashy Slashy". At some point shortly before getting the nickname of "Ashy Slashy", Ash returned to work at S-Mart, and one day while telling his story to an unimpressed co-worker, a Deadite customer attacked the store. Ash jumped into action, quickly taking down the Deadite with a Lever-Action Rifle. After this incident, Ash was either fired or quit his job at S-Mart. One night, with only a few personal belongings, his shotgun, chainsaw, and a Airstream Trailer hooked up to the Delta, Ash left Elk Grove and went into hiding, moving around the state of Michigan from trailer park to trailer park. There are several factors that could have provoked Ash into leaving Elk Grove, one being that the nickname of "Ashy Slashy" bothered him, another could have been that the Deadite encounter at S-Mart made him realize that if he stayed, evil could easily find him again, and that his own father didn't believe him when he tried explaining about the events at the cabin.

  30 years later
   Years passed, and Ash once again returned to a "demon-free" life of drugs, sex, and alcohol. In this time, Ash found employment at ValueStop as a stock boy, and managed to find another copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Now in the 2010s, more than 30 years since the events at the cabin, Ash accidently awoke the Kandarian Demon once more after getting stoned and reading from the Book of The Dead. Knowing that he was responsible for keeping evil in check and it was his mess to clean up, Ash (along with his new associates in the Deadite-killing business: Pablo Simon Bolivar and Kelly Maxwell) went on a journey to stop evil once and for all. This "road trip" took Ash all over, from occult bookstores, militia camps, Jacksonville, back to Elk Grove, an insane asylum, and to the cabin where everything started (twice, in two different time periods). Along the way, Ash encountered many strange characters, from Pablo's uncle The Brujo, the "Demon of The Mind" Eligos, the paranoia-inducing demon Baal, The Dark Ones themselves, and two new Evil Ashes. Perhaps the most shocking of these adventures occurred shortly after Ash had gone back in time to 1982 and rewrote history, destroying the cabin before his younger self even got there. Back in this new "present", Ash discovered that he married a one-night-stand named Candace Barr and conceived a daughter named Brandy, who was now in her teens.
After fighting the giant demon known as Kandar on the streets of Elk Grove using a tank, a dazed Ash was pulled out of the wrecked tank by an unknown individual. Slowly blacking out, Ash struggled as he was placed in what appeared to be some type of coffin. An unknown period of time passed, and Ash eventually awoke from his slumber to discover that he was in a bunker. After his awakening, a woman named Lexx approached Ash, giving him a new set of clothes, and opened the bunker doors, showing him that years had gone by, and the world had turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by The Dark Ones. Lexx then showed Ash his Delta, now outfitted with machine guns and a bulldozer scoop on the front. The two hopped in the car and drove into the city, looking for Dark Ones to fight.

Artifacts, Items, Powers

  β€’ Chainsaw
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   Ash uses the same chainsaw that he used to lop off his right hand as a weapon against the forces of evil that attempted to claim his body. Besides the attachment of a new handle and a metal ring to stick his stump, the red Homelite XL saw has had very little modifications over the years, and Ash has appeared to have taken good care of his signature weapon over the many years it has been in his possession.

  β€’ Boomstick
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   A twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington shotgun he picked up at the Knowby's cabin, Ash gave the Boomstick it's nickname while in 1300 AD as an attempt to describe his shotgun to the local "primitives".

Epic Moments

  βˆš Groovy!

  βˆš Skeleton Hands!

  βˆš Ash on Rampage!

  βˆš Ash Killing Demons!

  βˆš Swallow This!


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