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February 18. 2023.
Echoes of The Living survial horror game is heavily inspired by old Resident Evil games, coming in Q4 of 2023, and now Demo of game is available!

Echoes of the Living is a dark Classic Survival Horror inspired by the greatest hits from he 90's focused on reimagining visual horror, your goal is to make it alive while undercovering the truth about the incident.

In 1996, on a quiet small town located in north of Europe, a misterious fog suddenly rises upon the town in a clear night, their inhabitants have no clue of the horrors and chaos that were about to unleash. Not longer after, the locals get sick and panic runs all over the place, nobody knows how or why the dead walks on the streets, a few hours later all left in the town are the echoes of the living.

Laurel, a deputy meets the horror from the beginning while trying to investigate the fate of her teammates, her only goal now is to escape the infection and leave everything behind. Liam, an ex Spec Ops member arrives to the town, where he was about to move in and start a new life with his fiancรฉ, he couldnโ€™t imagine that this would be in the worst moment, his goal is to find his fiancรฉ and together leave behind the horror. The protagonists are tied up in the hell on earth the city has become, they have to collaborate to discover whatโ€™s going on and make it out alive.

You can now try Demo Echoes of the Living for free, a tribute to Resident Evil 1-3 with fixed cameras and tank controls. Check Steam page!

1hour of Demo Gameplay By YT channel ResidenceOfEvil :

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